Pick of the Week #737 - Captain America: Marvels Snapshots #1


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Conor and Josh, and just Conor and Josh, do a show that's relatively normal comparatively. There were a lot of #10 issues, and some really fine books. And if you want to buy Josh a Porsche, we'll give you a way to make that happen.

Running Time: 01:15:20

Pick of the Week:

00:01:25 - Captain America: Marvels Snapshots #1


00:11:53 - Five Years #10

00:20:40 - Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Spectacular

00:25:06 - Empyre #0: Avengers

00:37:34 - Batman: Gotham Nights #10

00:39:37 - John Constantine: Hellblazer #10

00:42:12 - Thor #5

Patron Pick:

00:45:27 - That Texas Blood #1

Patron Thanks:

00:54:00 - Matthew Rosenhagen

00:55:42 - Jim Miller

Audience Questions:

00:57:54 - The pandemic is making Greg from New Jersey reevaluate how he feels about weekly comics.

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