205 | How to Pivot Gracefully in Your Business


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Did you know that I started my entrepreneurial journey with a brick and mortar business?? And that my podcast started as Divorced Mommy? I have pivoted many times in my business to finally find what I really love doing. And that’s ok! I knew after doing my boutique business for a little bit, that I wanted to do something else. I knew I wanted to work with women. But I wasn’t sure what that looked like yet. So I took action steps and started a podcast. The podcast itself has changed 4 times now! But it was the choice to take action that made things possible.

The two biggest things I want you to get out of this episode is that:

  1. It’s ok to pivot!
  2. What allows you to be successful in pivoting is YOU.

Pick a lane and go for it and the best news is you can put your blinker on and switch lanes anytime. I was able to shift because of ME. Take a listen and let me know your favorite part by sharing and tagging me @julieciardi!

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