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The genesis of this episode all began at a kid’s birthday party — more specifically, my boy, Leo’s, birthday party. With it being a global pandemic and all, we really decided to go all out with his birthday this year with a theme and everything. One of the activities we planned was a scavenger hunt — and I had this epiphany: our life is nothing but a scavenger hunt. Did I lose you there? In this episode, I’m going to prove to you that life is nothing but a scavenger hunt and why knowing this fact will infinitely improve your life.

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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode.

[4:11] Have you ever been in a scavenger hunt? Here’s how life is exactly the same.

[6:11] The similar frustrations and challenges in both scavenger hunts and life.

[7:06] Similarities between scavenger hunt clues and our next steps in life.

[9:20] The journey of the scavenger hunt that is life.

[10:00] The payoff at the end of the scavenger hunt and what that looks like in life.

[12:38] How you can use this knowledge to infinitely improve your life.

[13:44] Our recommended IGNTD resources.

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