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We’re back with another #F*ckShame episode! This time, we’re going a little literal. We’re talking f*cking — without the shame.

Joining us this episode is our special guest, Victoria Redbard! We are absolutely in love with her and we know you are going to fall in love with her too. Victoria is a speaker, author, researcher, and expert on all things sex, sexuality, and intimacy. She works with couples and individuals to better understand each other, connect sexually, and explore even more pleasure.

Sex, vulnerability, connecting intimately, and sexual embodiment are all topics we’ve discussed before — but today we’re exploring them from an entirely new angle with Victoria. We also even explore some topics we’ve never taken a look at before (such as ejaculation mastery, gut health and libido, orgasm tips, and more!)

Sexuality is so vast and layered and Victoria brings such a unique, important, and needed perspective to the topic. We can’t wait for you all to tune in and explore it with us!

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Topics Discussed:

[:30] About today’s episode!

[1:30] Reading our review of the week.

[3:05] Our quote of the week.

[4:05] More about today’s episode with our amazing guest, Victoria Redbard!

[7:35] The beginning of our fireside chat with Victoria!

[8:11] Victoria walks us through her journey of getting to this place where she is now a spokesperson for sexual mastery and what originally drew her to this work.

[12:10] Does Victoria experience any pushback in the work that she’s doing?

[16:05] Why it is so important to expand our views around sex and sexuality.How a limited view of sex and sexuality can cause you to miss out on intimacy.

[16:36] The dance of lovemaking and where we can experience true intimacy.

[18:08] The main themes of what Victoria teaches with sex and intimacy.

[21:19] The beauty in the work that Victoria does.

[21:54] Victoria offers her guidance on how you can better connect both sexually and intimately with yourself and your partner.

[29:10] The link between gut health and libido.

[32:22] Who does Victoria work with? What are the common themes she often addresses in her work?

[36:16] Ejaculation mastery: what it is and why it is important.

[39:48] Where to start with ejaculation mastery.

[44:42] Victoria offers some orgasm tips — especially for those who have not had an orgasm before (alone or with a partner).

[49:30] What is the greatest advice Victoria has ever received?

[50:52] What has been Victoria’s proudest moment to-date?

[51:50] What has been one of Victoria’s hardest moments to-date?

[52:42] What self-care looks like for Victoria.

[54:29] What gets Victoria ignited?

[55:40] Where to find and connect with Victoria online!

[56:30] Be sure to tag us on social media and let us know what resonated the most with you!

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