Ep 1. NFT'S & Entertainment - with Guest, Caprio Jackson part A


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This episode of the I'm Just Sayin' podcast is sponsored by People Helping People, Inc., an art and entertainment, non-profit organization that utilizes the arts and other means to help people:
Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to sit in a Clubhouse room where they were discussing bitcoin. That conversation in turn led us to a discussion about NFT's. I was lost. So, moderators of the room pinged Caprio Jackson into the room to explain what NFT's are and how they work. I was so intrigued, especially when he explained writers and filmmakers may have a way to put their projects into NFT and to repeatedly make money. I knew he had to be a guest on the I'm Just Sayin' podcast, especially when Caprio stated NFT's will likely be the next big move those of us in entertainment will have to secure our intellectual property.

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