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So many people are easily trapped in the stories of their lives. Falling victim and feeling helpless is not about being weak or strong, but it is about self-awareness and making a mental shift to see what is possible. Stepping back and asking yourself, what is in your control and deciding how you want to respond is critical. Viktor Frankl says in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Danny Trejo, an actor and Hollywood Icon, joins me today to discuss a few of the stories from his new memoir, Trejo. Hearing these stories should remind you that it never matters where you are or how you start in life, it only matters how you decide to respond. Yes it’s hard, yes all excuses and reasons you have to not try and give up are valid, but ultimately the choice is yours to make. Danny’s story is beyond inspiring when you see someone come from a mindset and situation that consumes and devours over 90% of the people engulfed in that life. Which really means, anything is possible and your potential is nearly limitless.

Order Danny Trejo’s new book, Trejo: https://bit.ly/trejolifebook


Boxing Champ | Danny shares his time in San Quentin Prison and being a boxing champ [1:12]

No Love | Danny explains growing up with no love in the home born into the Trejo gang [2:28]

Danny’s Mentor | Learning life skills from a mentor that was criminal in same situation [3:09]

Prison Life | Danny on surviving prison and being tough because of his uncle [5:56]

Rehabilitated | Danny’s gratitude for a troubled past and why he’s as grateful as he is now [9:14]

Confessions | Danny on why his book is so raw and not sugar coated, it’s the real Trejo [10:19]

Redemption | Danny on taking inventory and questioning his behaviors and his mottos [12:38]

Taking Out Trash | Why Danny began taking out trash for old neighbors, new reputation [13:56]

Service to Others | Danny on why helping others is so important to the way he lives [17:15]

Arguments | Danny on the bottomline of arguing, not engaging and the toxicity of it [22:13]

Legacy | Danny reveals the love is his family and the legacy that holds value for him [25:51]


“I got a couple of scars from what I wasn't quick enough to duck. But you know what, it really showed me that I didn't want to get hit.” [2:04]

“I've realized about prison, it's easy to be a big fish in a little pond” [6:00]

“There's only two kinds of people in prison, there's predator, and there's prey, and you have to figure I'm gonna be a predator, or you'll be prey.” [6:31]

“Remember that you’re only sick as your secrets” [13:36]

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