Doctor Reveals How Water Fasting Unlocks Secret Healing Powers | Dr. Alan Goldhamer on Health Theory


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Are you looking for an alternative, cutting-edge way of attacking the root cause of your pains, aches, inflammation, and health problems? Do you want a total detox of your body? Whether you’re new to fasting or have many years of experience under your belt, these are the key fasting tips you need to know to take your health to the next level. On this episode of Health Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by Dr. Alan Goldhamer, founder of TrueNorth Health Center, to discuss such matters and more as they explore the incredible healing benefits of fasting and how your diet is playing a pivotal role in determining your health. They discuss the problems with modern medicine, the key benefits to fasting, how to do a water-only fast, the key changes fasting can make to your health, what organic foods you should be eating, what fruits are safe to eat, how salt can negatively impact your health, meat-based vs vegan diets, how oils affect your health, and much more.

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Paradigm | Dr. Goldhamer reveals why modern medicine never expects you to recover. [1:17]

Getting Started | Dr. Goldhamer reveals his health clinics impact on people’s health. [3:32]

Overabundance | Dr. Goldhamer reveals why people are hesitant to begin fasting. [7:00]

Keys to Fasting | Dr. Goldhamer reveals how and why you should fast. [9:17]

Detoxification | Dr. Goldhamer reveals why fasting detoxes the body. [12:04]

Dehydration | Dr. Goldhamer shares why dehydrate occurs while exercising and fasting. [17:44]

Longer-Term Fasting | Dr. Goldhamer reveals how to properly do long-term fasting. [19:16]

Key Changes | Dr. Goldhamer reveals the key changes fasting has on our health. [25:53]

What the Doctor Does | Dr. Goldhamer reveals when and how he fasts. [31:07]

Foods | Dr. Goldhamer reveals the whole foods he recommends you eat. [33:22]

Fruits | Dr. Goldhamer reveals the types of fruits you should eat. [34:08]

Salt | Dr. Goldhamer reveals why salt can negatively impact your diet. [35:55]

Meat vs Vegan | Dr. Goldhamer discusses meat versus vegan diets. [37:38]

Oils | Dr. Goldhamer reveals which oils you should consume and how much. [41:20]

Variety | Dr. Goldhamer reveals how much variety of foods you need in your diet. [43:50]

Rice | Dr. Goldhamer discusses the types of rice that you can have in your diet. [47:00]

Glyphosate | Dr. Goldhamer discusses the importance of choosing organic foods. [49:00]

Connect | Dr. Goldhamer shares how you can connect with him to learn more. [50:39]


“Whether it’s refined carbohydrates, the sugars, the oils, the salt or refined meat foods — you know animal foods that have been highly refined. Either one of those, these high animal protein, high refined carbohydrate diets, these are the things that cause people to be fat, sick, and miserable. This is why we have this epidemic.” [6:16]

“When you’re in a ketonic state, you don’t feel hunger and as a consequence it helps people that are trying to do short-term weight loss. The problem is, what’s good for short-term weight loss isn’t necessarily the same thing that’s best for long-term health stability.” [24:38]

“Now, you might ask me, “Can people eat meat and still maintain optimum weight?” Absolutely. Cause meat isn’t a highly-fractionated, pleasure trap food… The problem with meat is it’s very concentrated, if you eat too much of it, you can have problems.” [40:28]





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