Former Navy SEAL Reveals How to Develop Into Your Most Optimal Self | Rich Diviney on Impact Theory


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Are you stumbling through life, finding it difficult to push back when needed or take control of situations? If so, it may be time for you to strengthen your mental fortitude, begin developing leadership attributes, and start living life with a badass attitude. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by author, leadership expert, and former Navy SEAL Officer Rich Diviney to discuss such matters and more as they explore what you need to focus on to develop the core attributes that make up a truly badass leader. They discuss the driving force behind wanting to become a badass, the importance of putting yourself in challenging situations, why having grit is crucial, the key attributes you need, how to start developing yourself, the importance of values and who you surround yourself with, why you need to know your lane, and much more.

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Badass | Rich reveals the driving force behind wanting to become a badass. [0:17]

Challenge | Rich discusses the importance of being challenged and challenging yourself. [5:17]

Grit | Rich reveals how many develop grit through challenging life situations. [11:39]

Process | Rich reveals the power of resting and reflecting while developing grit. [13:22]

Attributes | Rich reveals how he helps teams and individuals develop strong attributes. [16:18]

PTSD | Rich reveals how reframing past situations helps heal PTSD. [19:56]

Development | Rich reveals the key attributes needed to becoming a badass with grit. [24:23]

Values | Rich reveals the power of surrounding yourself with people better than you. [28:03]

Your Lane | Rich reveals the most important attributes to becoming successful. [32:02]

Connect | Rich shares how you can continue to follow him to learn more. [37:28]


“Sometimes grit is not excelling. Sometimes grit is not hyper-performing. Sometimes grit is simply just taking step by step.” [11:52]

“Training and developing an attribute can’t be done the same way as a skill. It’s going to take self direction, it’s going to take self motivation, and it’s going to take a deliberate step into discomfort — because you’re going to have to step into a zone where you’re kind of wired not to go…” [18:31]

“…one of the most important success attributes is open mindedness because open mindedness also breeds curiosity and if we are open minded and curious, we are generally in a great position to find those lanes inside of which we will excel.” [33:50]






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