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Do you struggle to find a diet that not only brings your health to an optimal level but also makes you feel good at the same time? Do you feel like your body just doesn’t pair well with today’s traditional diets that are constantly pushed on us day after day? On this episode of Health Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by bestselling author, science educator, and host of ‘The Model Health Show’ Shawn Stevenson to discuss such matters and more as they explore why you need to break past the conventional thinking that only calories matter and start listening to your body so that you can eat smarter and live healthier. They discuss how we truly burn fat off our bodies, how our body’s hormones are affected by the food we eat, why Shawn leads with kindness when discussing fat loss, the importance of the food we eat, why you need to go beyond just counting calories, how to adjust your diet by listening to your body, how to improve your microbiome and much more.

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Break the Mold | Shawn reveals the importance of knowing your metabolic fingerprint. [1:50]

Burn | Shawn reveals how we truly burn fat and calories in our bodies. [7:03]

The Process | Shawn reveals how our bodies and hormones react to the foods we eat. [8:47]

Kindness | Shawn reveals why he leads with kindness when talking about fat. [12:21]

Awareness | Shawn reveals how he came to realize the importance of food. [15:28]

Education | Shawn reveals the importance of educating yourself about food. [16:19]

Beyond Calories | Shawn reveals why health goes beyond just calories. [19:14]

Microbiome | Shawn reveals how much our diet impacts our microbiome and gut health. [22:43]

Probiotic | Shawn reveals how to get more probiotic foods into your diet. [25:50]

Listen to Your Body | Shawn reveals how to let your body guide your diet. [28:00]

How You Feel | Shawn discusses how to reawaken your body’s inner intelligence. [32:56]

Eat This | Shawn reveals how to know what you should be eating for your unique body. [44:13]

Change | Shawn reveals why we need to demand change from the food industry. [47:48]

Fats | Shawn reveals the foods to eat to boost your consumption of healthy fats. [50:27]

Connect | Shawn shares how you can follow him to continue to learn more. [53:53]


“You’re not understanding, your heart is made from food, the blood running through your arteries is made from food, the arteries themselves are made from food.” [18:00]

“I can have somebody send out for a stool sample. Never even see them a day in my life. I can get their report back and know with a high-degree of certainty whether or not they’re obese based on the makeup of their microbes.” [22:25]

“Tell me something that matters more than how you feel. I’ll wait. This is the most important barometer of everything in our life and yet we pay so little attention to it.” [35:40]


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