Dante's Inferno (w/ Gretchen Eng and Brad Pike)


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This week on the pod it's a Dan Whiteboy Summer and Tim's flexing his fit. The boys discuss Tim's new side hustle and newfound love of Facebook Marketplace. Dan shares a recommendation for a new Bruce Springsteen song that Tim refutes. And of course we're talking White Boy Summer and Tim's desperate attempts to copy Chet Hanks' binary style. Then it's time for some dystopian, time-traveling pod reviews!

Then Dan and Tim are joined by Gretchen Eng and Brad Pike to chat 'n prov about Gretchen's science-loving family, Brad gaining national attention for doxing his dad, and why Brad is never allowed to go skydiving.

Gretchen and Brad are members of one of iO's most reputable Harold teams - Devil's Daughter. Together they manage the Devil's Daughter network which includes podcasts, shows, and classes.

You can learn more about all of their offerings here: www.devilsdaughtercomedy.com

(Improv starts around 30:30)


Gretchen Eng (@GretchenEng)

Brad Pike (@Brad_Pike)

Tim Lyons (@TimLyons)

Dan White (@atdanwhite)

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