Interview With Farah Part 1


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“ A life came into my arms and a life went away from my arms “ Such moments make us who we are. They define us. How many times have you committed to something permanent while being in a temporary emotional state and realize you may not be able to fulfill your commitment. For any reason at all. Here is one superwoman, who not only made multiple seemingly impossible commitments but also went above and beyond to fulfill all her commitments as well as all her personal and professional goals. If she were to write a book, the title would be ‘Watch Out! Here comes health!” Because this is what she does, she heals people from the inside. How beautiful is that! She has so much energy and works passionately at what she loves to do and is unstoppable! Her causes, her achievements, and her contributions are highly commendable! And that’s not it. There is so much more to learn from her. And that is why there are two parts. Enjoy part 1 Be sure to give a shout out to her at: FB/FitLikeFarahOfficial Farah I wish you all the very best ahead. Keep inspiring us with your contagious positive attitude! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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