Interview With Hina


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Shout out to Hina and her dad! To Hina, for not giving up on herself. For being her own hero. Hina’s battle against cancer, she fought like a warrior. And the strength, the pillar she had which made her ready to conquer anything life threw at her. Her DAD. Huge shoutout to her dad and to many other such dads out there. Her message to everyone is “you don’t get a second entry to this life, so enjoy it with the one entry ticket you got” This is also a story of a young boy who decided to change the future of his children. Who refused to quit on his dreams and hence gave his children the life he couldn’t have for himself. Hina saw while being in chemo that having a faith, no matter what faith will keep you grounded, will keep you happy and content. Hina, I wish you all the best ahead in life. Keep inspiring us with your beautiful insight and perspective on life! Much Love --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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