#007 - Coping With Anxiety Tips and Discussion with Michael Simmonds - Switzerland based coach


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#007 - In this podcast Michael and Andrew will discuss Anxiety, its issues and Michael offers his advice as a coach together with references to resources listed below.
Questions covered include:
00:00 Start and welcome
00:58 Introduction to anxiety question response by Michael on the background to the issue.
04:04 Coping with anxiety - Michael goes into more detail
06:33 Symptoms and causes and potential hypnotic state affecting some anxiety sufferers
08:06 Seeing the issue as a challenge to learn more about ourselves and be self-aware
09:17 Tip 1 - Self awareness and reflection exercise and Tip 2 conscious breathing
13:38 Tip 3 - tension release exercises (TRE) which can be done at home or in small rooms with ease by most people no matter their age nor body shape.
15:59 Many will not act on self-help, how does a professional coach help?
19:39 How do you work with clients and what should they expect?
Important Website Links:
Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises Official Coaches List
Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises Video
For show notes and Michael`s contact information:
Please visit the Zurich Networking Group website to read the page containing the podcast, show notes and speaker bio
We hope you enjoy our seventh episode as we have a good introductory conversation on anxiety and highlight some tips to help you to understand the problem and help yourself.
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