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Janet Gourand (Sobriety Advocate & Recovery Coach), who runs the brilliant online community portal, Tribe Sober, joined me to talk about the 2022 Dry January challenge. See whether you can go alcohol free for 30 days; you may just like it! It runs for any 30 consecutive days of your choice between now until end of January. Get an early start.
You will get online daily support and, in turn, you have a chance to change the lives of children living under conditions of poverty and other hardships across Cape Town, by donating to the Earthchild Project. For just R250 you can sponsor one child to be part of a transformational one year leadership programme including yoga (which has been amazing for many of these children who do not always get to experience peace), and in turn you will get daily virtual support for 30 days as you experiment with sobriety.
I did so a few years ago just to help raise money for this brilliant project. And I liked the sober curiosity so much that I stayed dry!
In this podcast Janet and I also talk you through the challenges (we've been there), as well as the benefits of choosing sobriety, and give many tips on how to deal with the ridiculousness of being expected to justify not drinking alcohol.
Do share this podcast widely as it may save someone's life- whether they simply wish to cut down on the amount they drink or seeking a safe online community to help, perhaps for the first time, to deal with alcohol abuse that had gone unacknowledged till now. Tribe Sober is a safe space.
You can also check out Janet's podcast by the name Tribe Sober and the website tribesober.com

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