Episode #30 – Negotiating The Detours Of Entrepreneurship With Mitch Russo


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Successful entrepreneurs make entrepreneurship look easy but it’s almost never a straight line. Before you reach any measure of success, you may have to take a detour or three. Each time that happens, a negotiation ensues between your ears. How do you respond? Do you give up or do you pivot? Do you stagnate or do you innovate? Mitch Russo has had his share of detours before becoming the successful entrepreneur he is now. A powerhouse businessman who loves to help companies scale, Mitch drew his business savvy from years of using his resourcefulness to find possibilities and go after them. Joining Christine McKay in the Venn Zone, Mitch shares some of the most important things he learned about entrepreneurship and negotiations from his long and winding road to success. Plus, learn more about Mitch’s coach practice management system called ClientFol.io.

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