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Hey fam! We're back for an unofficial release of a bonus episode for season 2 to report on Dat Rona! Unfortunately the virus is still here BUT with the rise of the new delta variant and misinformation running the streets we knew it was time for an update! So what better way to do it than in the format of our favorite pandemic event, VERZUZ!! In this bonus episode we will be talking about life with the mRNA vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) VERZUZ life with the virus COVID-19. Every round is a different topic of concern from our vaccine hesitant fam. We will cover long-term effects, immune health, fertility, and economics with our favorite experts and friends: Sherod Haynes, Dr. Heather Jones, and Carl Joseph Black, JD. . Season 2 still coming to you later this year!! . You can follow our guest: Sherod Haynes: @rodzilla Dr. Heather Jones: Carl Joseph Black: @cjoeblack @itsthedime . Below are links to various things in the episode we mentioned! More on what RNA is found here . More on mRNA medications found here: . For more information mRNA vaccines check out this resource . To learn more about immunocompromised patients, read this article: . If you are interested in learning about being tested for immunodeficiencies, read this: . Listen form the links below for Trusting Vaccines While Black Parts 1 and 2: . . To learn more about the V-Safe program form the CDC checkout this website: In Those Genes is independently funded, to give, become a patron here: . If you would like to give a one time donation, you can do that here: . If a monetary donation isn’t in the cards be sure to rate and write a review of the podcast. OAN, don’t forget to share this podcast with everyone you know! . You can formally join the family by visiting . Follow us at @inthosegenespod on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates. . The Nucleus (our transcript, The Helix (an episodic soundtrack), and Henrietta Facts (quick notes from the episode) will be posted soon.

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