Wondering about how the Classic Car Market is doing? Kamins Motorcars shares some insight.


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Over the past few months, we have been talking with new car dealers about how the market for new automobiles is doing. With the pandemic causing a slow down in production, and then when trying to get back up to speed, the chip shortage slams production again, creating a wierd market place for consumers.
From the new car market, we shifted to the pro-owned dealers to see how they were doing as the new segment issues seemed to be driving comsumers their direction. Turns out they are doing very well, so long as they can find inventory.
So then we wondered about the classic car segment - are there any deals or great values to be found during all this hubbub? We asked Michael Kamins of Kamins Motorcars how things were going from his perspective, and we got our answer along with a look aroun 'one' warehouse.
In our feature segment, we have the popular feature 'This Week In Auto History'
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Tags: In Wheel Time automotive car talk show car talk Live car talk show

Tags: In Wheel Time automotive car talk show car talk Live car talk show

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