Episode 110 - Interview with Bare Knuckle Development Creators of The Flawless: Art’s Tale


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On this weeks episode I interview Ste and Tony from Bare Knuckle Developement about their latest game The Flawless: Art’s Tale. You take control of Art; a twelve year old boy who awakens to find himself alone in a brutal and monochrome world of cats. He is catapulted into an extraordinary adventure where he must save his pet cat, ‘Mr Dirty Paws’, and bring colour back to the surreal feline world. Along the way he meets all manner of cats. Some try to use him to do their bidding, some want him dead and use all manner of deception to end his life. Others befriend him and try to help him save Dirty Paws and unleash his Flawless powers. As he is drawn deeper into this strange and complex world it becomes clear that saving Dirty Paws may involve saving the world but is our young hero up to the task!

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