"Bon Iver" 10th Anniversary, Plus: Lorde, Jimmy Eat World, Bo Burnham Blowback


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This month marks the tenth anniversary of Bon Iver’s self-titled sophomore album, which solidified Justin Vernon’s project as an indie rock powerhouse, and eventually earned him a handful of Grammys (see above). To celebrate ten years of this pivotal record, Steve and Ian are putting aside their opposing views on Bon Iver to spend an episode reflecting on the outfit’s catalogue and lasting impact.

In the decade since the release of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon has made a name for himself as one of the least predictable and most adventurous artists of recent memory, with a series of ultimate “grower” albums that end up shifting listeners’ tastes, that somehow exist in the same timeline as recent massive collaborations with Taylor Swift. This week, Steve and Ian discuss whether “Woods” is one of the most important indie rock songs of the 21st century, and how much Vernon’s association with Kanye actually accounts for his credibility in the indie world.

In this week’s Recommendation Corner, Steve is digging Australian indie-pop outfit The Goon Sax’s forthcoming LP Mirror II, while Ian is plugging Militarie Gun’s new EP All Roads Lead To The Gun.

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