Curious What Your Space Is Telling YOU? Live Space Readings!


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Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz Live Space Readings! Have you always wanted to know what your space may be saying, but were too afraid to ask? What if getting a reading from Lisa is what shifts things in your life? This monthly show is so popular call in to schedule your spot for a quickie read! How To Create More Money From Your Home Office ~ ~ More About Infinite Energies ~ Join Lisa Benitz, Space Whisperer™ and Founder of Creating Conscious Spaces™ on her weekly Radio show as she discusses everything from the perspective of how our spaces, affect our bodies, relationships, money, business, and so much more! What are the infinite possibilities with Infinite Energies?! When you acknowledge that all of your spaces are a reflection of what is going on in your life, you will begin to see ways to shift things to create more of what it is you desire. What is truly special about this show? Lisa can energetically tap into your space wherever it is in the world and read the energy, live without ever having to see a photograph. Incredible, absolutely! Lisa embodies, kindness, and a sharp awareness of what is asking to shift in your spaces to set you on the path of change! This show is a place without judgement and full of fun. Its time to stop procrastinating and get started in your life! Lisa Benitz is a Space Whisperer™, Interior and Exterior Space Specialist, International Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, and Writer. She has turned her love of working with spaces into a unique business that creates actionable results for people in all sectors of their lives. The founder of Creating Conscious Spaces™, a customized workshop, facilitated in English, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese, continues to grow its' reach worldwide. Lisa continues to inspire others around the world to learn the practice of how perceiving and connecting with their environments and others can create a greater future for all. "Changing the World One Space At a Time™" has become a worldwide movement. ~ ~ To get more of Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz, be sure to visit the podcast page for replays of all her shows here:

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