The data is out there: Marshall Kirkpatrick and the science of influencers— EP016


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Today our guest is Marshall Kirkpatrick, Product Director in Influencer Discovery & Research at Sprinklr. Previously, Marshall was Co-founder and CEO of Little Bird. Prior to that, Marshall was Co-editor and Lead Writer at ReadWriteWeb, and the first hired writer at TechCrunch.

We talk with Marshall about his experiences with the early days of Twitter, and how using a tool like Little Bird to identify people influential in a given space can be used both to get new insights for your business as well as to change the world.

Marshall Kirkpatrick works as a Product Director in influencer discovery & research at Sprinklr. He was previously co-founder of Little Bird. Prior to that, he was Co-Editor at ReadWriteWeb, the first hired writer at TechCrunch, and a consultant to companies large and small.

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