Interview with Eric Reed CEO & Founder of Reed 5 Group


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Eric Reed never had trouble finding the experience to learn from, whether from leadership positions in media companies, building out marketing and sales infrastructure, strategically positioning revenue for start-up acquisition, or challenging people to always RETHINK, as host of take5: The Rethink Marketing Podcast. A Renaissance man whose expertise has been honed through a variety of perspectives, Eric’s success in business growth is rooted in his proven sales and marketing leadership and sophisticated marketing media strategies. As the founder of reed5group, Engage Digital, and Take5: The Rethink Marketing Podcast Eric has over 15 years of passionate experience in sales and marketing leadership. He is a thought leader in strategy and tactics and a pioneer in ad tech, content silos, and digitization. With an emphasis on culture, it’s not hard to see why Eric is defined by his passion for and belief in people. “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being present, every day”.
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