Interview with Publicity & Podcast Strategist Christina Lenkowski


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She is a forward-thinking publicity strategist and educator for entrepreneurs, speakers and authors looking to expand their credibility and go from “best-kept secret” to “go-to expert” in their industries through being a guest on other people’s podcasts.
During her 13 years of PR agency and consulting work, she helped clients earn spots in print publications like Martha Stewart Living, Sunset, Reader’s Digest, and Big Life, and online coverage in and, among others.
Christina herself has been featured on websites like and She’s been a guest on many podcasts, including Her Empire Builder, Hustle Like a Mother, Health Coach Nation and Launch It, Girl, and helped her clients get booked on many other top-rated shows.
She has spoken on stages at conferences throughout the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. Christina lives in Boise, Idaho, USA, with her husband and daughter.
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