054: How my jaw pain forces me to face unpleasant truths


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I don't know how to explain this to people who've never felt it, but I've been suffering from jaw tension for quite a while now. It comes and goes, and I never really know what triggered it until I did some deep introspection.

I believe it's forcing me to confront truths I'd rather not face. Like a harsh and unforgiving teacher, it won't relent until I learn my lesson. It won't let me leave the table before I finish eating up all of the bitter truth soup in front of me.

I recently had a situation where I got angry about something, but wasn't honest to myself about it. I had a fear and I pretend to not feel it, even to myself I couldn't admit that I was scared. And when I realized that, I got angry at myself for pretending, for not living my truth. It took realizing and admitting all that, until the bitter end, and only then did my jaw loosen up and I found some relief.

So in a way, my body is conspiring with my higher aspirations. It's keeping me real. It makes me do the inner work even when I don't want to.

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