Episode 13: AWS Innovation with Springs


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Get a behind-the-scenes look at the journey of Springs, one of the largest manufacturers of home textiles in the Americas, and their mission to improve your sleep health through innovation and the support of AWS Prototyping. What happens when a textile manufacturing company known for sleep comfort products start extends their mission to sleep health? In this episode of Innovation Ambassadors, we explore how AWS is helping Brazil-based Springs to catalyze the creation of their first cloud-connected product, and develop a sleep tracker that uses ML to learn from the sleeper’s habits. Host Sara Armstrong, Sr. Manager of Worldwide Prototyping and Leticia Santos, Sr. Prototyping Architect at AWS speak with Josue Alencar, Springs CIO, about building a legacy for a company founded by his grandfather by forging a future in collaboration with the AWS Prototyping team. They discuss how the process behind realizing the ambitious goal of creating the most accessible embedded sleep tracking device on the market.

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