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Are you ready to master your calendar, your email inbox and your overall productivity? If you answered "yes" to this question, you need to listen to today's show. On today's Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Paul Casey, an expert in Time Management.
On this show, Dave and Paul discuss the following:
  • How to make time management work for you
  • Time management tips that actually work
  • Time management for sales professionals
  • Time management tips for entrepreneurs
  • Productivity vs. Time Management
  • How to overcome procrastination

About Paul Casey
Phone: (509) 392-1895
Originally from Chicago, Paul has now been a professional speaker for over 25 years (giving almost 300 presentations in the past 4 years), and he is one of the leading authorities in leadership and personal growth—especially time management—helping people take back their calendars and restore sanity to their lives. He has spoken for organizations like McDonalds, Subway, Lamb Weston, Northwest Public Power, and Autozone—and among the 80 leaders he coaches per year, 25 of them lead at Pacific NW National Laboratories. Paul has a Master’s degree in education, and has been an educator/administrator/Chief Operating Officer in 5 non-profit organizations. He is an ACC-certified coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Master Trainer, and is a member of the National Speakers Association. He was awarded Solopreneur of the Year by the West Richland Chamber a few years ago.
Through his company, Growing Forward Services, Paul has partnered with his corporate and individual clients to transform their vision, their habits, and their lives. Currently, Paul carries out his mission of sparking breakthrough success by contributing daily inspirational growth messages on local radio, other people’s podcasts, and via social media. Also, he has inspired thousands of individuals and leaders to grow forward through his seminars, team-building off-site retreats, one-to-one self-leadership coaching, and as a keynote speaker. Paul has written 4 books: The Static Cling Principle (on habits and mindsets), Maximizing Every Minute (on time management), Leading the Team You’ve Always Wanted, and Leading with Super-Vision. And he interviews local leaders in his podcast: the Tri-Cities Influencer.
Paul is married to Lovely Laura, has a 23- and an 18-year old named after state capitals, owns a cat named Sasha, and has lived in the Tri-Cities, WA, for over 20 years. For fun, he enjoys golfing, hiking, and bicycling—and orange slices—and he reads about 40 books per year.

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