Everybody Still Loves The Tinklers - Charles Brohawn & Chris Mason!


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The Tinklers, Charles Brohawn and Chris Mason, are an "outsider" band from Baltimore who have been together since 1979.

Their talent can be seen on the documentary, Everybody Loves The Tinklers.

Their performance is the antithesis of conventional standards and skills thought necessary for making music. People may try to tell you that. They create amazing music. They are often thought of in the same sentence with acts such as Jad Fair, Half Japanese and Daniel Johnston.

The Music

The Tinklers - Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun (Live)

Disc 2, track 3 off of the out of print Working Holiday! CD compilation of the 7" single series issued by Simple Machines Records in 1994. This limited edition bonus CD contains live performances from the Working Holiday Three Day Weekend on January 7-9, 1994.

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