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If you’ve ever wanted to make more money during this time, or strongly get yourself back on your feet, then do we have The Miracle Habits show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Mitch Horowitz, best-selling author, PEN award winning historian, and the author of a brilliant book on stepping forward into wealth and all areas of your life, “The Miracle Habits”

And that’s just what I wanna talk with him about today, about key miracle habits to help you bring more wealth and affluence into your life, and get you powerfully back on your feet.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Is it crazy to be talking about wealth building during this time? (03:22)
  • The importance of mitigating fear during this crisis (04:31)
  • Entering a state of deep relaxation a couple of times a day to visualize yourself within a scene that’s ideal for you (06:48)
  • Why we shouldn’t get hang up on whether prayer is appropriate or effective (09:05)
  • The power of getting spiritual during difficult times and how to go about it (13:08)
  • Achieving what we aim for by substituting persistence for faith (15:08)
  • The most effective program for prosperity that has been created within modern metaphysics and self-help philosophy (16:37)
  • How Mitch has used Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill in a time of crisis (20:08)
  • Breaking free of prejudice and doing great during the current economic difficulties by being independent functionaries (23:36)
  • Having faith and trust in ourselves and building our confidence before we can tackle serious challenges (27:00)
  • Why people who don’t have more money silently or openly condemn it and how it hinders them from having more money (29:47)
  • Appreciating different people’s expressions of creativity (35:00)
  • Is money a form of energy and can it be considered a representation of spirituality? (36:45)
  • The collective grinder we’re going through to create something new (39:03)
  • How does concentration produce power? (41:41)
  • Only spending money in ways that enable us to earn more of it (42:54)
  • Instances when spending can be useful in building the essential self (46:21)
  • Filling some non-negotiable subsistence level needs in your own life (47:46)
  • Applying one’s particular talents to nature and expansively filling the needs of others (48:23)
  • What is Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and how important is it right now? (50:41)
  • Practising self-sufficiency as much as possible to cultivate a positive mental attitude (52:07)
  • What’s the energy behind paying one’s debts? (55:24)
  • The financial planning that will help anyone in wealth building (58:02)
  • Excelling in life by learning to eliminate procrastination and task avoidance (01:01:12)
  • The significant impact of keeping our promises to ourselves and others (01:03:36)
  • How to cultivate extraordinary outcomes during this time (01:05:34)

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