The Power of Prayer and Grace – Explained! Caroline Myss on How to Pray and Have Your Prayers Answered!


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If you’ve ever wanted answers from the divine and to discover the power of prayer, then do we have the Intimate Conversations with the Divine show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Caroline Myss, five-time New York time best-selling author, mystic, healer, the co-founder of CMED (Caroline Myss Education), and the author of an incredibly heart open, vulnerable, and revealing important book on prayer, “Intimate Conversations with the Divine”

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about the power of prayer, guidance, and grace.

Key Points Discussed:

  • What do you feel is going on with the world today? (03:36)
  • Working together towards achieving global healing (06:42)
  • What does the phoenix mean to you during this time? (10:02)
  • How Caroline's work as a medical intuitive led to her wondering why people don't heal and how she can help them heal (13:36)
  • Understanding what surrender is and seeking guidance (15:00)
  • Recounting the life-changing experience she had 15 years ago (16:04)
  • How heaven works: Losing the appetite for life and the enthusiasm for what she was teaching, and how it led her to where she was supposed to go (21:07)
  • Inspiring people to get back to prayer and to trust in it again (26:00)
  • The power of prayer and grace, the importance of prayer, and the number of times one should be in prayer (28:57)
  • Being conscious of the power of our language and the value of learning to listen (35:16)
  • Going to the next spiritual chapter in our lives by truly empowering others (38:45)
  • Bringing the mystic into every moment by having holy conversations as many times as possible (41:35)
  • How she chooses to grace a moment instead of losing her power (44:18)
  • Acknowledging that we are one and using the sacred power of co-creation that we have responsibly (48:44)
  • Learning what real wealth is instead of trying to win a million dollars (51:19)
  • Listening through surrender so we can actually get the answers to our prayers (53:33)
  • What does “St. Theresa and daughter follow me” mean to you? (54:57)
  • Getting rid of the fear of divine intimacy so we can delight in how it can truly change our lives (58:00)
  • Investing grace and love in our lives so we can get them back tenfold or more (01:01:09)
  • The importance of learning how to reflect upon ourselves and hold ourselves accountable (01:04:43)
  • Embracing the fact that prayer is a holy dialogue with God and learning how to pray the right way (1:06:14)

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