Chasing the Sun. How the Science of Sunlight Shapes Our Minds and Our Bodies! with Linda Geddes


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What is our relationship with the sun? If you’ve ever wanted to feel brighter, more vibrant, healthier, and well-rested, then do we have the Chasing the Sun show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Linda Geddes, award-winning journalist and the author of one of my absolute favorite books of the year, Chasing the Sun: How the Science of Sunlight Shapes Our Bodies and Minds.

That is just what I want to talk with her about today. About how the science of sunlight shapes our minds and our bodies. Plus, we’ll talk about the joy of Caesar’s Palace, Arctic Reindeer, peas and jet lag, mom and Stonehenge, Winter Solstice, Waldschattenspiel, and what in the world chopping carrots in the dark has to do with anything. Are you ready to shine?

Key Points Discussed:

  • Getting interested in the sun despite living in a place known for its dark and dreary winters (02:49)
  • Mark Galvin; The man with none 24-Hour sleep-wake disorder (08:18)
  • Artificial light and how it affects our health and wellbeing (15:36)
  • Bright light first thing in the morning as a treatment for seasonal affective disorder and general depression (24:05)
  • What is the light tracking watch? (32:33)
  • Cases of medical prescriptions to stay away from the light (40:10)
  • The impact that sunlight has on pregnant mothers and new-borns (50:24)
  • Advice for children in the light and schools potentially trying to get kids up later in the day (55:32)
  • Advice for getting through winter; brighter days and darker nights (01:00:39)

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