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Do you want to work on more happiness, success, and abundance in the new year? Then do we have the Emotion Code show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Bradley Nelson, holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical intuitive, and the creator of my all-time favorite and most-used, energy healing system, and the author of my absolute favorite healing book on the planet bar none, one that rarely ever leaves my side, The Emotion Code.

That is just what I want to talk with him about today, about using Emotion Code Techniques, to set yourself up for well-being, success, financial happiness and abundance, in the New Year!

Plus, we’ll talk about the danger of heart walls, emotional traumas, a sacred calling, what on earth is an Idea Allergy, and what in the world does Dr Marcus Welby have to do with anything! Welcome back to the show!

The Emotion Code Abundance Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What did computer programming have to do with Emotion Code work?
  2. How did Dr. Bradley Nelson end up going from computers and business to healing people?
  3. What does prayer mean for Dr. Bradley Nelson?
  4. What was his “sacred calling”?
  5. How did The Emotion Code come about?
  6. What does faith have to do with his work
  7. What is the basic premise behind The Emotion Code?
  8. What are trapped emotions?
  9. How do trapped emotions affect our lives?
  10. How does using Emotion Code help with financial abundance?
  11. How can our internal programming keep us from having money in the bank?
  12. Could you demonstrate the Emotion Code for abundance on Michael Sandler?
  13. How do we find and remove specific blocks to having wealth and creating a truly prosperous life?
  14. What are inherited emotional blocks and traumas?
  15. How do we clear these?
  16. Can anyone clear their emotional blocks and traumas (and inherited ones too)?
  17. Can we target specific emotional wounds and traumas that come up?
  18. What do we need to know about doing Emotion Code to help us for the new year?
  19. How can we break specific patterns and wiring challenges?
  20. How can we rewire the subconscious for the New Year?
  21. How can emotion code help our kids?
  22. What one homework assignment would he give people today?

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