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Can you spare 2 minutes a day? Do you want to think better, feel better and live better, starting from now? Then do we have the Instant Calm show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Karen Salmansohn, best-selling author, award-winning designer, and social media maven, and the author of a sensory stirring book on calming you down, Instant Calm.

That’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about 2-minute meditations to create a lifetime of happy, help reduce stress and improve focus, clarity, productivity, and sleep.

Topics Include:

  1. What is a 2-minute meditation?
  2. How can two-minute meditations help us?
  3. What is a stop and swap?
  4. How would you get blessed by Madonna?
  5. What does “Succeeding without a Penis” have to do with anything?
  6. What was “The Vortex”?
  7. What did you learn from these experiences?
  8. What are sensory meditations?
  9. What is a type of meditation that taps into the five senses?
  10. What are sight meditations?
  11. Examples of sight meditations?
  12. What are smell meditations?
  13. Examples of smell meditations?
  14. What is the power of the smell of vanilla?
  15. What are sound meditations?
  16. Examples of sound meditations?
  17. What is the benefit of Om?
  18. What is the power of mantras?
  19. What is a perfect mantra to begin with?
  20. What are touch meditations?
  21. Examples of touch meditations?
  22. What is Earthing and the importance of connecting with the earth?
  23. The importance of petting a pet?
  24. What are taste meditations???
  25. What are examples of taste meditations?
  26. Top three tips for instant calm?

To find out more visit: https://www.notsalmon.com/

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