Ep. 28: Podcast Growth From the Ground Up With Eric Nevins


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Today we're chatting about podcast Growth From the Ground Up with Founder of the Christian Podcaster's Association, Eric Nivens! (Click below for show notes). https://ruthiegray.mom/podcast-growth/ Christian Podcaster's Social Media Summit https://christian-podcasters-association.mykajabi.com/a/39941/MCYmFNcf Episode Outline The Early Stages of Podcast Growth Using Facebook to Promote Podcast Growth From the Ground Up 3 Steps on How to Experience Podcast Growth From the Ground Up A Posting Plan to Aid in Growth Instagram Post Engagement: Quality Over Quantity Keeping up Momentum For Podcast Growth Podcast Growth from the Ground Up Ruthie: Today we have Eric Nevins, the host of the “Halfway There” podcast and founder of the Christian Podcaster's Association. Halfway There is packed with years of experience walking with God and features people in a variety of stages of life in Christian maturity. Eric, why don't you tell us a little bit about how you got started podcasting and how long you've been doing this? The Early Stages of Podcast Growth Eric: It's great to be here discussing Podcast Growth From the Ground Up! I love what you do with the show, it's really cool. I got started in podcasting about five years ago now when I used to be in a job where I would read blogs all day working in a call center, and then I couldn't do that job anymore, so I moved to a job where I had to actually work and click links all day. This is when I had discovered podcasting and that really did change my world because I'm more of a verbal processor, so when I tried to blog, it didn't work quite as quickly for me. However, podcasting really did! It took me two years to actually get started. I had the idea in 2014, then in 2015, I started making some recordings, and it took me a whole other year to get over that imposter syndrome and actually work with the technology. I had to hire a coach who helped me and is a good friend of mine now. Then, I launched it on June 6th, 2016. We just published episode number 211 this week, and I couldn't be more excited! In 2017, I started Christian Podcasters Association as a little Facebook group and a couple of months ago, we passed a thousand members! I decided to take that to the next level with a membership site where I can really invest in people who are Kingdom-minded using podcasting to change the world for the Kingdom. Using Facebook to Experience Podcast Growth Ruthie: My podcast is basically business and Instagram marketing, so I’ve found kindred spirits there. We want to share that we’re all believers, through the different facets that we’re broadcasting. I think you said you had a coach? Eric :I did, although my coach really was there for the mental game of putting myself out there because that's one of the hardest things. I don't know if you struggle with thinking about deciding, “okay, I'm going put it out there.” Sometimes, we hear our own voice and we think, "that's not really very good." It's hard to get through that. My coach really helped me with that particular aspect. Ruthie: Is that kind of what you're doing then with your membership level of the Christian Podcasters Association? Eric: Correct, it is. I think of our membership with three levels. There's a free level, which is Bronze, a Silver level where we help you promote your show on our various social media feeds like our Instagram, which I'm learning from you how to do. Then, we have a Gold level, where I talk to people who are in the podcasting industry like Cliff Ravenscraft. I’ve talked to him and others about Facebook ads, I've talked to my buddy Michael Woodward about how to get great guests, and we have a conversation that you can watch later at your own leisure to learn how to take your show to the next level. Usually if you've been podcasting for say, 60, 70, 80 episodes,

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