Ep2: How to Make Healthcare Complete- Anna Schlosser BS, RN, NC-BC


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Episode 2: Integrative Nurse Coach Anna Schlosser, BS, RN, NC-BC

"Nurse Coaching is becoming more mainstream and is having a huge impact on the wellness of our society and our culture. Nurse Coaches are special in that we have our knowledge base as a Nurse, in addition to the Coaching and Coaching skills. I see them very present. And I know we're doing the work to get health care to see how important we are. I envision us being in every doctor's office, in every healthcare setting, in every hospital. I see us being very present and helping our communities heal." Anna Schlosser
  • Present healthcare is incomplete. If we continue to just share information and educate (which is important), the patient’s wishes, needs and desires get lost in the shuffle. Nurse Coaches are moving healthcare towards holistic health, integrating mind body spirit, healing.
  • Nurse Coaching gets to the core of the issue, and dives below the surface to uncover possibilities that allow shifts in behavior to be more meaningful to clients, patients, and communities.
  • Nurse Coaches use many modalities to partner with clients to uncover their deepest needs and desires. In this episode, Coach Anna RN speaks to meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and chakras, and how she uses these modalities in her practice.
  • Self-care is not indulgent, it's not luxurious, I think we have this idea that it's selfish. And I would like for all of us to get over that. Doing what we need to do for ourselves and letting go of that shame and guilt around making our own decisions.
  • Self-care is having compassion and kindness for myself and making choices that are right for me.
  • Nurses don't have to have everything figured out or have all the answers. But we do have to do the inner work, so that we can hold space and be compassionate and empathetic and help someone else through.
  • “To the Nurse Coach starting out, to the entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses. Keep going. It's scary to be seen. It's scary to take yourself seriously. But it's important to keep doing the work because there are people out there who need you. You're contributing something special. And if you're feeling called to do it, then it's the right thing to do.” Anna Schlosser

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