Neil Sahota - AI Advisor to the United Nations, IBM Master Inventor, & Chief Innovation Officer at UC Irvine


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AI’s impact on people, organizations, and countries is now so far-reaching there soon won’t be any aspect of our lives left untouched by it. To even begin understanding how wide-ranging the effect of artificial intelligence is currently, we undertake a wide-ranging discussion with Neil Sahota, AI advisor to the United Nations. Neil takes us on a grand tour of some really exciting ways AI’s capabilities are being used around the world today. He also introduces us to a thinking framework he developed that can guide us on how to harness AI’s capabilities to create disruptive advances.

Along the way we'll learn what the biggest challenge is for organizations deploying artificial intelligence, the unheralded metric which best captures the impact of AI on business & IT operations, & what the biggest area of growth will be for artificial intelligence over the next 3 years.

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