Episode 12: Real-Time Drone Insights with Unleash Live


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It's now more commonplace to hear about the power of AI algorithms for interpreting drone data, but Unleash Live takes it to another level, providing real-time data insights to UAS operators on top of a live stream. The practical application of Unleash's product for emergency services is clear, aiding users to determine points of interest in an tense environment filled with distractions and noise. In this episode I was able to get a hold of both Hanno Blankenstein, Founder and CEO, and James Kwong, Head of Product and Experience at Unleash Live and talk about the power of real-time data. We talked about their startup journey from idea to assisting professionals disaster relief and beyond. Both Hanno and James always like to look at the big picture, contemplating the role of machine learning, and more generally AI, as tools to enhance human ability. The results of that thinking becomes obvious when you see Unleash Live in action.

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