Episode 16: Getting to Know NASA's UTM Project with its Chief Engineer, Joseph Rios


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If you've ever dreamed of a future with drones delivering packages and running inspections in perfect harmony with civilian air traffic, NASA's UAS Traffic Management (UTM) project is laying the groundwork for such a world through independent research and collaboration with private industry. Joseph Rios serves as the Chief Engineer for NASA’s UTM, project. He has been with NASA since 2007 and primarily focuses on computational and data issues related to the National Airspace System. He has worked on large-scale optimization models for traffic flow management, data exchange schemas for air traffic, and tools for general aviation pilots flying in remote locations. NASA has awarded Dr. Rios medals for Early Career Achievement and Exceptional Achievement, the latter of which is related to his work on UTM. NASA is here to help. You can find out more about their research in the drone space with these helpful links: General UTM Info https://utm.arc.nasa.gov/index.shtml NASA’s Aeronautics Research Page (scroll down a bit for the UTM part) https://www.nasa.gov/aeroresearch/programs/aosp/utm Recent UTM News https://www.nasa.gov/aeroresearch/programs/aosp/utm-project-description

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