Epsiode 27: A 360° View of the Open Source Drone Developer Community


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The First PX4 Developer Summit in Zurich marked an inflection point for the developer community and the industry as a whole. More than 200 developers from 20 countries filled the halls of ETH Zurich, the birthplace of PX4, to learn how they could contribute to the fastest growing open source code base for UAVs. The core developers in the community are committed to making the code base accessible and reliable for the enterprise user down to the hobbyist. During the sessions at the summit, they went over all the advancements being made in the community, the standards being set, and the roadmaps for future rollouts. I was able to pull a few of them aside to share their insights on the community at large, the MAV SDK, computer vision, and more. This episodes guests: Ramón Roche, Program Manager at Dronecode Julian Oes, Senior Software Engineer at Auterion Jonas Vautherin, Software Engineer at Auterion Martina Rivizzigno, Computer Vision Engineer at Auterion Tully Foote, ROS Platform Manager at the Open Source Robotics Foundation To find out more about what was talked about at the developer summit check out the official show site: https://www.dronecode.org/dev-summit-zurich/ Launching off the success of the first PX4 developer summit, the core devs from the community will be traveling to Las Vegas to speak at InterDrone this September 3-6. Dronecode has sponsored a special PX4 Track focused on educating the broader drone industry about the benefits of open source and how to successfully utilize PX4 to build custom UAS solutions for their businesses.

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