InternCLE Episode 028 - Kris McGuigan of Professional Courage


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InternCLE Episode 028 – Kris McGuigan – Professional Courage

Getting Started with Professional Courage
On LinkedIn:

Professional coaching business. Helping high potentials position themselves in the marketplace. Resume writing, coaching, speaking engagements and workshops. Kris was influenced by her business coach Kim Avery in helping her “get out of her own way”. Coaching is good when you want to create focus and accountability around your goals.

Be intentional in your career search – pick 7-10 target organizations and spend time getting to know the company. LinkedIn is a great place to start, read about the company and follow them on LinkedIn. Check out Glassdoor and industry groups for the space you want to get into. Check your LinkedIn connections to see if you can get an introduction from a shared contact. Take the time to get to know the people and the company.

Getting to know culture – understand what you want in a company first. What is going to help you thrive? Ask questions around what is important to you. i.e. How do you evaluate your team? What does success look like at a company? Do most people work on teams or individually?

Branding – fancy way of saying “what is authentically you” – you need to be aware of and able to communicate your return on investment (ROI). For example, some people’s gifts or skills seem personal but do relate to their ability to bring value to an organization.

Your network is your net worth, as they say. If you were going to a hometown football game and ran into an old contact, you wouldn’t walk up and say hey I am looking for a job. You would establish a connection first and express genuine interest in their lives, and then you may start a discussion around how you would learn from them. Your genuine interest in someone should come through in your approach.

Professional Courage is offering a FREE Executive Resume Writing Workshop

Kris will be speaking on careers on Day 3 - HOW TO PLAN AN INTENTIONAL CAREER PATH, at Engage Cleveland Young Professionals – 2nd Annual Professional Development week - Early November

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