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InternCLE Episode 029 – Corrigan Krause CPAs

Krista Evenden – Workflow Coordinator – Krista and I have been friends for years; she went to college with my husband (poor girl!). Krista’s main role is keeping the interns busy. I have been hearing for the last couple of years more about her involvement in the internship program and I was thrilled to be able to have her on the show.

Mia Feldmann – Human Resource Manager – Mia and I met at Corrigan when Krista invited me to come meet the team. It was evident from the start that Mia is excited to put her stamp on the program. While she is the newest member of, he team she has been involved in the recruiting and onboarding of the interns.

Christine Eichmuller – Manager – Chris was unable to join us for the show. She interned at Corrigan and about 6 years ago took it on herself to really turn the internship into a program. Chris, Krista and Mia “run the show” for the internship program each year during busy season. They seem to have it down to a pretty good routine.

Corrigan Krause is a CPA firm in Westlake, Ohio. They created their internship program as a talent pipeline. Their unique accounting internship program shows students, not only what tax season is like (aka Busy Season) but exposes them to many areas within public accounting. They have clients across many industries and many areas of accounting – audit, tax, etc. This year they are planning on having 6 interns during tax season. Last year they gave offers to 3 of their 5 interns.

Corrigan recruits locally in the Cleveland area. They target Kent, Baldwin Wallace and Cleveland State. They are open to candidates from other schools of course but have focused their efforts locally with great success.

Corrigan plans fun events throughout tax season and there is always tons of FOOD! 😊 On Monday and Tuesday there are family dinners coordinated by the team members and on Wednesday nights the firm provides dinner.

Krista and Mia described the culture at Corrigan Krause as very much a Family. Krista shared - “When someone here says how are you doing, they are asking truly ‘how are you doing’. It’s not just a passing remark.” There are a variety of personalities working at Corrigan, who respect each other and bring value to the company. Interns have been surprised by their true open-door policy.

Corrigan looks for a 3.2 GPA, some basic accounting classes have been completed. Other internship experiences is nice but not required. The fit to the culture is priority one. They are now offering an admin position to younger accounting students to get them exposed to Corrigan early on in their college career. There is no day in the life – there are clients across industries and many accounting services Corrigan offers. Interns travel to clients, other Corrigan offices, have training in the office or work on assignments in the offer.

Around Cleveland –

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