InternCLE Episode 030 - Internship 101 Series - Getting Started


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The Internship 101 Series will go over the main parts of the proven process or best practices for creating an internship program.
In this episode we focus on Getting Started with your internship program. We explore Top Down and Bottom up internship initiatives and discuss the Why? of having an internship program.
I provide detailed questions to ask leadership in a Top Down situation and outline putting together a proposal for an internship program in an employee driven initiative.
Future episodes in the series will cover the following topics:

  • Recruiting the "Right" candidates
  • Onboarding
  • Work and Learning
  • Networking and Fun
  • Capturing Feedback
  • Engage and Follow Up
  • and Other tips and tools for successful internships

Some resources mentioned on the show include: employer resources. Specifically their 12 Steps to Starting an Internship Program (Includes a link to Federal Guidelines on Internship Pay)
14 Benefits of Starting an Internship Program for Your Company will help with identifying your Why? and drafting some of your proposal
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