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Ali Mears and I discuss the public accounting internship program at Plante Moran. Plante Moran is a public accounting firm in Ohio, Chicagoland, Michigan and Colorado. 26 offices - 4 international.
Plante Moran goes beyond Audit and Tax services, they have management consulting offerings and more. Ali shared that interns are a great source for a pipeline for hiring. They find exposing students to public accounting helps then determine if that is the accounting path they are interested in.
Ali looks for students primarily at college career fairs, through their presentations at the colleges and more. Plante Moran works with Ohio CPA to get young students exposed to the accounting field. This is part of their early talent outreach.
Ali has a background in college career services which gives her a unique position. Ali also was a teacher so her approach to recruiting is very much "connecting talent to opportunity". She knows what career services life is like and so it helps her communicate with those teams. She encourages students to use career services as well.
Plante Moran is looking for students that are open-minded and ready to learn. Students get a lot of learning in a short period of time. It is also important to be able to take feedback and have fun!
Across their locations they hire about 300 interns. In the CLE it is around 18-20 interns hired. Interns get to attend a firm conference. All employees get together, in 2020 it will be in Chicago. At the conference they celebrate promotions and those who make partner. There is philanthropy as well and time for seeing the sites in Chicago.
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