InternCLE Episode 033 - Internship 101 Series - Onboarding


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InternCLE Internship 101 Series - Onboarding

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Around Cleveland

Congratulations to Brenda Davis-Smith on her retirement from NOCHE. Best wishes in your new adventures!

OCEA Unconference take-aways

What is an Unconference?

A loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventional structured program of events.

OCEA used post-it notes to gather ideas or topics the participants wanted to talk about. They used moderators to group these post-it notes to create on the fly break out sessions while participants networked. Topics included – Gen Z, On the Job training and mentoring, Employer best practices for engagement, Co-ops/Trends, Recruitment/Retention, Classroom best practices

Thank you to The Andersons for hosting the conference -


Building holiday traditions of service – Thank you to St. Edward’s high school for their monthly community meal outreach program.

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