InternCLE Episode 037 - AmMore - Marcia Moreno


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InternCLE Episode 037 AmMore – Marcia Moreno

AmMore LLC is the first Cleveland based company dedicated to helping organizations diversify their workforce by creating strategies to attract, recruit and retain Latinx talent to thrive and succeed in Greater Cleveland.


Effectively support organizations diversify their workforce by attracting, recruiting, and retaining Latinx professionals to succeed and thrive in the Greater Cleveland area. AmMore offers a wide variety of culturally competent services to organizations and professionals looking for inclusive ways to contribute to the cultural richness and economic growth of Ohio.


A community in which all Latinx professionals are appreciated, welcomed, valued, developed, challenged, feel included, can be authentic in the workplace and are able to contribute to the cultural and economic growth of their communities.

Marcia and I had a great conversation about diversity in internship programs and beyond. She opened my eyes to some inherent assumptions I was operating under. I enjoyed our conversation and am so grateful we have her in Cleveland.

Marcia works with organizations that want to diversify their workforce, and more specifically for including Latinos. Marcia created her company to have flexibility to spend time with her son and to provide her the opportunity to utilize her education and background to contribute to the Cleveland economy.

The Latino population is the fastest growing population in the country. Latino’s are 21% of the Millennial population and the Millennial population is one of the most diverse generations. Marcia is from Chile and she utilizes her experience coming to Cleveland and falling in love here (both with her husband and the city) to help companies focus on attracting more professionals like her.

Marcia has realized through her initial work with companies here in the Midwest, she realized that she needs to start with the basics of the LatinX culture. In Cleveland, the Latino population is still growing as compared to cities like New York or Miami. She works with companies to educate them on the culture of the Latin population, the economic barriers or other possible challenges of the population, and what that population brings to the table for companies.

Resources: REI Training in Cleveland ,LatinX book ,Authentico,PBS Latinos Special , Brene Brown
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