InternCLE Episode 039 - Oatey - Nancy Borgia


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InternCLE Episode 039 Oatey - Nancy Borgia

Twitter and Instagram is @Oatey_co


Nancy Borgia created the internship program in 2016. They started out with 10 interns and have been adjust the program each year. In this episode we talk about her very well-organized program. With C-level buy-in, from John McMillan, Nancy has managed to create a program that has delivered full time hires and changed professional development in the organization.

Oatey is a global manufacturer in the Plumbing industry. The internship is centered in the Cleveland location and the internship is a summer program for 8 weeks. They focus a good deal on hiring engineering students but have other positions as well.

Oatey’s internship program is structured, with mentors, orientation, training, professional development, fun outings, networking, team projects, real work, feedback and so much more.

A day in the life is hard to describe – but it’s real work – not making copies

Next steps, Nancy is looking to create a co-op program as well.
Around Town - coming soon - news from the February 20th Internship Summit, where I will be moderating a panel of Career Services professionals.

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