InternCLE Episode 052 - The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District


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InternCLE Episode 052 – North East Ohio Regional Sewer District -

My guests on the show today included four representatives from the NEORSD Talent team. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Laura and the team. NEORSD plays such a critical role in our community, it was exciting to hear about the variety of experiences they offer in their internship program.

· Patrick Gibboney – Employee Branding & Talent Programs Specialist - the “Cool RA” of the team – listen to learn more about how Patrick engages the interns and makes them feel a part of the team

· Laura Paul – HR lead – provides great overviews of NEORSD and how they have structured the internship program

· Vanessa Fleming – Talent Acquisition & Employment Specialist at Northeast Ohio - Is new to the team, just joined during the pandemic

· MacKenzie Dietzel – Talent Acquisition & Employment Specialist at Northeast Ohio - Was an intern herself with NEORSDshares her experiences as an intern and hiring into the organization

North East Ohio Regional Sewer District – Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide progressive management of sewage and stormwater through fiscal responsibility, innovation, and community partnerships.

Our vision is to be the environmental leader in enhancing quality of life in the region and protecting its water resources.

NEORSD provides year-round internship opportunities, as well as summer internship experiences. From our discussion it became very apparent that NEORSD really encourages interns to take initiative, try new things and truly contribute. This is not a case study type internship program; this is real hands on work and learning. NEORSD does hire frequently directly from their internship program.

B-STEM Interns

B-STEM (referring to Business Support, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Interns require advanced placement high school courses or Associate/Bachelor degree coursework, since these individuals apply their knowledge to practical work in a professional setting.

Paraprofessional Interns

Paraprofessional Interns must be at least of junior or senior status in a Bachelor degree program as these individuals apply their areas of expertise to perform strategic, higher level tasks.

Patrick and MacKenzie stressed, interns should take the initiative if they want to make the most of their internship program.

Current Job Openings -

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