InternCLE Episode 064 - The Greater Cleveland Film Commission


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InternCLE Episode 064 - The Greater Cleveland Film Commission

Mike Wendt and Maria Rouzzo joined me this week to talk about the Film industry and the opportunities the Greater Cleveland Film Commission connects its interns to. I did not know much about the industry itself and this interview opened my eyes to the ins and outs of Film in Cleveland.

Mike shared that there is a tight family like feel to film production. That the film industry uses a mentorship approach to bring people into, connect people and grow them in this unique field.

While currently forced to go remote, the GCFC year-round internship experience is a strong connector to the Film industry for students and adults alike, looking to gain entry. In a non-COVID year, interns help Mike scout locations for films, help maintain databases that are used to catalog resources or support grant writing initiatives, get creative themselves coming up with promo videos or blog contributions, and so much more.

Here is more information about the GCFC Internship/Shadowing Program: All seasons are tentative for now, but they are always accepting applications! Apply by filling out this form. You can read more about GCFC's internship program at this link. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee any access to any current productions that are filming.

Please contact EA/Office Manager Maria Rouzzo with any questions:

GCFC Production Coordinator Mike Wendt -

Stay up to date on jobs, workshops, events and other film/media production opportunities:

In the show we referenced the Greater Cleveland Sports Commissions interview on the podcast – you can find that episode here:

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