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Trinity High School's Pre-Professional Internship program with Barb Dottore
Twitter: @TrinityHS
Trinity High School, in Garfield Heights, Ohio, has a unique approach to getting their students career ready. Trinity has managed to work required internship experiences into their curriculum. Each week, students in their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years spend 1 day a week at work. These internship experiences provide them much needed insight into the careers they have only dreamed of.
Barb Dottore runs the Pre-Professional Internship program for Trinity High School. In our interview with Barb, we explored how the program came about and the benefits to both students and host employers. Barb is a delightful woman that has an obvious passion for helping her students identify their career interests.
In their Freshman year, Trinity students take an Internship 101 course that prepares them for work in the "real world". They learn the Microsoft office software suite, in addition to professional skills such as public speaking.
Trinity places these students with local employers, providing transportation and handling the administrative overhead for the companies. For companies looking for some additional help or to start an internship program, the Trinity program is a great fit.
Trinity has been contacted many times by other schools interested in learning how they created their program. On the day of our interview Barb had been wrapping up one of those meetings before we spoke. Trinity is very willing to share their lessons learned. They believe in the value of exposing students to careers early on.
Barb has story after story to share about the successes their students have had in building their skills, confidence and understanding of their dream careers, through the pre-professional internship program. Often students learn that their "dream job" isn't such a dream and Barb and her team will help them find other careers to explore.
College is an expensive venture these days. Changes in major or school could cause extra years spent on education. As we discuss in the interview, Trinity's program helps students lock in on their interests in a very tangible way, at a younger age. The hope is that they can learn where their interests lie, before they commit to a major or even a college.
Barb Dottore runs the pre-professional internship program at Trinity and regularly hosts meet and greets with companies eager to learn more about the program. The next open house for the internship program will be at Trinity High School on January 20th from 7:30am - 8:45am. Contact Barb to register -

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