What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Online Courses with Rick Sheninger


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Welcome back to Season 2 of Interviews With Experts. This week, I'm
honoured to be joined by another knowledgeable guest, Rick Sheninger.
Rick is the founder of One To One Marketing and an expert when helping clients to deliver worthwhile courses, social media funnels and much more.

We talk about some of the best ways you can start up a course, including which software to use; why so many people find it difficult to see through creating a course; and he gives us an overview of the multiple aspects a business owner must consider throughout the whole marketing journey.
So tune in, enjoy, and as always, let us know your comments, questions, and thoughts.

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Website: https://onetoonemktg.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricksheninger/

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