Into the Greenwood


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Robin Hood is one of the most ubiquitous figures in the English-speaking world. He’s been the star of countless films, television shows, books, games, and branded merchandise from baking supplies to investment apps. Whether he’s wearing a dark shrouding hood or a jaunty pointed cap, there’s a distinct image that comes to mind when you hear the name. Our mission is to dissect that image. Through interviews with academics and experts we’ll be taking a focused look on what one would actually expect of a forest-dwelling outlaw in late 12th century England. How many Merry Men could comfortably dwell within Sherwood Forest? How extensive was the authority of a local Sheriff? Would those tights of Lincoln green be comfortable to wear? You know, the important stuff. Interview episodes will be interspersed with episodes delving into our pop-culture portrayals as we take a chronological look at Robin Hood’s extensive filmography one movie at a time. So string your bows, prepare a lusty laugh, and come join us in the greenwood. Support: Follow: @intogreenwood on Twitter and Facebook Contact:

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